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Toon Cup 2020

_Design: Custom character animations, mobile specific UI
_Tech: HTML5, WebGL, Cordova App, 2D / 3D Combined rendering


Over 100 million of them in fact...

When we updated an old Cartoon Network Flash football game for mobile devices back in 2016, we'd never have guessed how huge it was going to be. Into its third year of expansion and enhancement, it now has a tonne of new characters as well as unlockable characters.

Of course, we all know people love football, and kids DEFINITELY love the characters from Cartoon Network so it really was a perfect storm waiting to happen. The game was a huge success for it's EMEA launch audience, so much so in fact that we have now ported it for LATAM and APAC players to get involved.

The millions of plays have prompted numerous updates for various real world tournaments, and this year we're growing it once again with sweet new players, features and effects.