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ITV Rugby World Cup: Kick It!

_Design: Design, Sound Design, Creative, 3D modelling, Animation
_Tech: HTML5, WebGL 3D, App packaging, LIVE play integration

Can I Kick It?

Why yes, of course you can!

As part of ITVSports Rugby World Cup digital coverage we created Kick It! which was integrated within the official ITV Sport Rugby World Cup App. As the App was created using web technology, our HTML5 workflow was the perfect fit. Not only did it seamlessly work within the overall platform, but it was also a visual feast created in full WebGL 3D.

We worked with ITV to develop a “Live Kicks” feature which worked in real time with the live games. During the World Cup notifications were pushed to the user’s phone letting them know when actual kicks were about to be taken! Viewers could then join in and take the exact same shot with matching weather conditions, a truly magical and meaningful connection between the audience, the live games and the ITV Sport brand.