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Out of Step

_Design: Character made in LEGO Digital Designer
_Tech: HTML5, WebGL, App Conversion


Capturing the essence of the LEGO brand in game form.

The difficulty of making games about toys cannot be underestimated! Lego came to us to make a game not about one of their many sub-brands or licensed products but rather about the spirit of LEGO itself.

LEGO's core values of imagination, creativity, fun and learning run throughout all of their output and our task was to translate those thoughts into game form. We made two games for LEGO that celebrate the toy that has inspired generations of young (and old!) minds to release their own creative spirit.

In Out of Step we place the player in a tactile world where they get to drop LEGO bricks into the path of a relentlessly marching character (Yes, built out of real LEGO bricks as a classic 'minifig' was off the table) in order to create or clear the route ahead. Tapping into 'flow gaming' psychology, the experience is remarkably relaxing and certainly less stressful than stepping on a LEGO brick!