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Razorfish / McDonald's

Super Spice Dash

_Design: Game Design, Sound Design, Low-poly 3D, Animation
_Tech: HTML5, PixiJS pseudo 3D, WebGL/Canvas, multi-orientation

You gotta roll with it

We took a new McDonald’s snack for a spin

For the launch of their new ‘Spicy Chicken McBites’ (and no, they’re NOT nuggets!) we made an endless runner (roller) game where players take their diminutive Chicken ball on an epic adventure.

From the outset we had some stiff challenges to meet as the game not only had to work in browsers across a hugely diverse range of devices and orientations but also within the McDonald’s app. Intelligent design and gameplay choices meant we were able to deliver a rich 3D experience that instantly adjusted between portrait and landscape across all resolutions.

Huge session times for what is essentially a playable advert meant the campaigns ROI was enormous and created a vibrant social scene online where players posted and bragged about their highest scores using Facebook.