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The Worst Witch: Magic Adventure

_Design: Character Illustration, 3D modelling & texturing
_Tech: 3D world, HeightMap terrain, frustum culling


Creating the first fully 3D HTML5 game for CBBC really felt like magic

Built from the outset as a game that could grow but do so in a way where the update was threaded throughout the entire experience was always going to be tough! But with kids loving the game and industry recognition to boot, it was all worthwhile. Embark on a truly magical adventure and experience the world of Mildred and friends whilst honing your own character's magical skills.

The Worst Witch has been a big hit with players and not only has it received a full expansion with new gameplay features, it is also being converted into an App for iOS and Android.

Allowing kids to customise their avatar both in terms of gender and ethnicity also earned the game a nomination for the TIGA Diversity Award 2017.