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The Adventures of Paddington

_Design: UX, UI, Game Art, Game Design, Audio Design, 3D Design
_Tech: HTML5, WebGL, PixiJS 3D

Making the Bear Essential

As part of the launch of the new The Adventures of Paddington animated series, Nickelodeon came to us to create a game that lets young players join their favourite bear on his exciting new journey.

Making a game where the source material is TV grade CGI always means we need to bring our A game. In this instance we were tested both technically and creatively as the super-high poly CGI models simply weren’t suitable for our hyper performant, platform agnostic web delivery mandate. With some modelling here, retexturing there and a splash of realtime lighting, we managed to recreate TV Paddington on the small screen.

A Living Storybook

The Adventures of Paddington is a new CGI animation where the titular bear continues in a great tradition of well-meaning mishaps and blunders!

Continued development of our 3D HTML5 rendering tools means that we are able to get closer and closer to the levels of visual fidelity usually only seen in more costly Apps in our web content.

In ‘Family Breakfast’ we focussed our attention on Paddington himself as well as a custom ‘page turn’ effect in order to make the best use of the project budget. The page turn would grab the current scene and map it onto a 3D page that would bend over as the player went from one scene to another. It proved to be the perfect way to capture the feel of the beautiful ‘painted’ aesthetic of the show’s background scenes in a digital format.

We made sure our fully rigged 3D Paddington was overflowing with personality and emotion from his charming, curiosity imbued walk cycle through to his various delighted states of euphoria when the player finds the things he’s looking for. Using pre-rendered backdrops worked perfectly as it meant we could get visuals that closely matched the TV show without needing to mimic their complex lighting and post production effects.

Combined with a zero-language, child-friendly treasure hunt type gameplay system it all added up to a gorgeous little slice of the new Paddington world where kids were able to choose what he does and get up to some mischief of their own!

A Living Storybook