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_Tech: Modular Open Source renderer, Industry Standard

From strength to strength

We make the most powerful 2D WebGL renderer that powers over 60% of 2D leading campaign and games content in browsers

Anticipating the (mobile) potential of WebGL we wanted to make it easy for us to make amazing content. To do that we needed to focus on creating a super friendly API that would make it easy and efficient to create new content. Originally inspired by the Flash API , we quickly realised that WebGL was capable of FAR more both interms of performance and flexibility.

In short, it lets us create immersive, rich interactive content for all platforms, most notably, iOS where browsers experienced a brief moment (2007-2009) of being fun-free-zones! It has now become a mature, industry standard framework empowering creatives and developers to transition from Flash to HTML5. With so many years under its belt, PixiJS is now no longer seen as the ‘alternative to Flash’ it started out as, but as a first port of call technology in its own right by a new generation of coders.

It’s a heavy hitter in the JS world and one of the biggest rendering frameworks with 20,000+ GitHub stars. PixiJS is used globally by content creators of all types including large agencies and technology leaders like Google and Adobe. Tech giants such as Facebook have PixiJS as one of their recommended technologies for their Instant Games platform due to it’s lightweight, super-performant nature.

Such is the ubiquity of PixiJS in the interactive browser content world we have now created a response team who can consult with developers and creators to help optimise and enhance their PixiJS content.

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