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Sapient Razorfish / Aviva

Aviva Save Smarter

_Design: Interaction Animation
_Tech: HTML5, PixiJS, WebGL, CSS

Putting the ‘fun’ in funds

Making financial form-filling not just bearable, but actually enjoyable!

We worked with Sapient Razorfish to make a questionnaire quiz that let visitors understand what type of saver they were. So from “The Super-Stretcher” to “Captain Savvy” participants could better understand what profile fits them best and thus what type of saving accounts and products would work best for them.

In essence the goal was to turn a dry financial questionnaire form into something that people would actually feel compelled to start and complete. Reactions were extremely positive and thousands of visitors assessed what type of saver (or spender!) they were.

Who said financial responsibility and saving couldn’t be fun!?