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_Design: Pixel Art, Sound Design, Game Concept & Design, Animation
_Tech: HTML5, PixiJS, WebGL/Canvas, Order fulfilment integration

How do you make waiting for food fun?!

It’s a pizza cake!

In the US GrubHub are a massive brand, offering a similar role to the likes of Deliveroo or Just Eat. They came to us with a proposition - “how can we keep our customers engaged whilst they wait for their food to arrive?” The answer was a sticky, super addictive game that saw players take on the personas from their current TV campaign.

Running across the rooftops, these savoury superheroes were on a mission to bring delicious food to people’s homes as quickly as possible. A roster of unlockable playable characters as well as new game modes mean that we hooked players way beyond just their delivery slot.

Presented in sumptuous neo-retro pixel art, the game was super targeted to hits its audience right in the nostalgia spot and the style was an instant hit. GrubRunner was delivered as an easter egg so that each time an order went through they were invited to play. A suite of social sharing options helped spread the word further still.