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Cbeebies Get Creative App

_Design: Design, Sound Design, Creative, 3D modelling, Animation
_Tech: HMTL5, PixiJS v5 custom 3D, WebGL, App packaging, custom CMS

Get creative with all your favourite Cbeebies buddies!

Paint, build, direct and compose in one handy app

We’re immensely proud to have partnered with the BBC to create Cbeebies Get Creative, a flagship app containing a suite of fun and rewarding open ended creative activities for kids of all ages.

This free app contains Magic paint, where kids can get messy painting with light, crazy tape and branded stencils, Sound Doodle, where every colour and shape painted on the canvas will create a piece of music, Play Puppets, where budding directors can create their own stories by recording the movement of onscreen puppets in real time and Terrific Toys, where kids can create their own creatures and set them loose in a special playground.

The whole suite of creative apps are currently branded with three favourite Cbeebies properties, Go Jetters, Bitz and Bob and Hey Duggee, and features an integrated CMS system, so new activities can be added, and each one can be rebranded with content from even more great properties in the future!

Flexible, fun and super creative for everyone!

Download the Get Creative app now via the Apple, Google Play and Amazon app stores.