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Sonic Jump for Facebook Instant Games

_Design: Facebook Instant Games Design
_Tech: HTML5, WebGL, Facebook Instant Games


Taking Sonic for a spin on Facebook Instant Games

Sonic is a gaming legend. One of the most iconic, recognisable and loved characters from gamings rich history. A few of our team still go dewey eyed remembering when sonic hit the Mega Drive back in 1991, a game which played a big part in inspiring us to get into games in the first place. So when SEGA called to see if we’d be interested in creating a Sonic game for Facebook, it was a bit of a dream come true.

Facebook’s instant Games platform uses the power of HTML5 to deliver amazing gaming experiences within the Facebook messenger app and as the creators of PixiJS the platforms HTML5 technology of choice, Goodboy had already been approached by Facebook themselves to develop content for the platform. So when SEGA were looking for a partner to help them bring Sonic to Facebook instant gaming, our creativity, experience, technical chops and love for the brand made Goodboy the obvious choice.

We worked closely with SEGA and their Hardlight games studio to bring all the speed and thrills of the hugely popular Sonic Jump app to Facebook Instant Games. All the fun and features of the original game were faithfully ported to the new platform with no reduction in quality levels. The awesome bespoke features of the platform were also implemented, including Facebook messenger sharing, custom leaderboards and the new Ad SDK.