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_Design: Design, Sound Design, Creative, 3D modelling, Animation
_Tech: HMTL5, PixiJS v5 custom 3D, WebGL, App packaging, custom CMS

“My fingers are Magic!”

Empowering kids to express themselves with an endlessly updatable suite of creative activities

How do you build a groundbreaking creative ecosystem from the ground up that gives kids an incredibly rich ‘bespoke’ experience whilst future-proofing it for constant growth an iteration? Well, it turns out that the answer is “with meticulous planning and effort combined with unrivalled creative and technical expertise”!

The BBC wanted to build on its existing digital portfolio and create a new set of products and experiences for children. These products needed to build stronger relationships with their audience, increase digital reach and make experiences which make children want to come back to again and again. This is all underpinned by the BBC mission to inform, educate and entertain.

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