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Nightfall Beta

_Design: IP creation, 3D modelling, Animation, Sound Design, Game Design
_Tech: Multiplayer, HMTL5, WebGL 3D, App packaging

Something wicked this way comes...

Creating a totally new brand and multiplayer experience for the BBC

A little over a year ago we created a game prototype where we proved that it was possible to have a multiplayer game where the role of the other players wasn’t to be killed, crushed, humiliated or otherwise defeated!

Since then we’ve been bringing that prototype up to full release standard, imagining a rich, character-filled world where players must join forces to stop dreams becoming nightmares. The keystone of our experience is that players have a shared goal that they take on together, collaborating as groups.

Making a multiplayer game that doesn’t involve basically killing everyone you see and that feels compelling no matter how many people are around has been an immense challenge. Not only that, but we wanted to make a game where players feel like they can come and go easily and not have to wait around for sessions to start. To do this we imagined a game where players joining, playing and being beaten by the AI is a natural part of the narrative flow. Effectively the game needs to function as both a collaborative multiplayer experience, but also offer compelling engagement for players who find themselves alone in the dream world. No mean feat!

The game is now in closed Beta whilst we analyse the player data from a smaller group of a few thousand. Keep checking back for the full case study and game links for the full public launch. The AWS servers are primed and ready for showtime!