McDonald’s Super Spice Dash

It’s time ladies & gentlemen, for Super Spice Dash – An epic Chicken McBites® adventure to give it it’s breathtakingly full title!

Once again hooking up with the Razorfish team, we wanted to bring a bit of gaming action to the fast-food loving public.

We were tasked with taking Spicy Chicken McBites® on an adventure the likes of which they had never seen before! The brief was pretty wide open – create a game that exposes players to this latest product and have a fine old time whilst doing it!

But how and where were we to reach them?! These audiences are spread far and wide amongst the digital landscape. Desktops? Sure! Tablets? Of course!! Mobile? Don’t leave home without it!!

Choices choices! What were we to do?

Well, the only logical answer of course was “All of those things, all the time, everywhere” Yep, if you’re going to make a game that’s engaging with those Gen Y boys and girls, you gotta grab ‘em wherever they may be.

So we knew we needed to reach people across pretty much the entire spectrum of connected devices, but how? Website & app combos can be prohibitively expensive, so the only real choice was to go browser based.

The sensible path tells us that if you want a game to run right across the board, in-browser, including mobile, you’ve got to keep it uber simple, right? So we opted for a classic match three super rich, arcade action, endless runner collect-em-up.

In 3D.

Because life’s more fun out on the bleeding edge ;)

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High rollin' action! A proper post-platform piece of work, hitting pretty much any device with a browser ;)




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