Run Pixie Run!

Play the game!

We kind of couldn’t help ourselves with this one…

Our latest 2D renderer called pixi.js is all finished up and ready to be shared with the world (Check the blog out for details of how to get hold of the open source goodies) So, in order to present our shiny new engine we figured we needed some sort of little game just to show how robust & scalable it is.

And so Run Pixie Run! was born. After all, it only makes sense to show off our new renderer, rendererering something, right?!

The big, exciting story here though is just how scalable pixi.js actually is. Check out the game in a WebGL enabled browser (Chrome’s the big guy here) and it will deliver a hardware accelerated version. Take it over to IE and others not playing WebGL-ball and it seamlessly scales itself back to a canvas version.

BUT! The big deal is that if you load it up on your mobile (so long as it’s reasonably up to date) you’ll still get a slick gameplay experience in browser! Yes that’s right! Rich, interactive content on your phone without having to be packaged up as an app!

The possibilities with this tech are endless! We can’t wait to see what we, and anyone else who grabs the source, can do with it!

Go and play it! DO IT NOW!

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