McDonald’s Chicken Legend

Conclusive proof that Chicken’s CAN fly!

The team at Razorfish wanted to put together a stunt that demonstrates that legends are not born – they’re created. And the Chicken Legend is no exception to this rule. The scene was set and the mission was to get a Chicken Legend sandwich to perform an epic, record breaking leap and clear two McDonald’s articulated trucks!

Footage from tracking, chase and drone cameras was used to present the feat in a unique format where users could observe the jump from multiple angles. Some fancy Goodboy footwork meant that even on tablets, users could seamlessly flick between four different shots instantly.

Our other big trick on webGL browsers was a dynamic, realtime visual filter system that was used in a ‘slo-mo’ mode. A lush RGB split, displacement mapped, super-saturated made it feel like the user had full control of the footage playback and delivered TV quality FX on the fly.

Having already scooped a brace of FWA’s, this is one Chicken that’s not just flying – it’s soaring :D

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Proving that Chicken's can fly with Razorfish and McDonald's




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