McDonald’s 40 Years Together

So Maccy D’s has hit the big four-O in the UK.

So how do you celebrate a milestone like McDonald’s 40th Anniversary? Well, you get Goodboy and Razorfish in to create a beautiful user-generated quilt of stories, that’s how! This isn’t just any old UGC site though. We created a system that turns written stories into stylish typographical posters in realtime as the user types them out. And if typing is a bit old-skool for you, fire it up in Chrome and you can simply speak your story out loud and let Google’s Voice-to-Text API do the work. Like a futuristic robot secretary!

And while we’re talking about Google’s awesome services, how about driving the typographical tool entirely with Google Fonts. Add a dash of stunning webGL for the rich 3D paper grid that unfolds like a piece of origami and it has to be said that Chrome is THE place to be for this experience.

But don’t worry if you’re out-and-about, the Goodboy seal of quality means that we’ve got you covered with a Canvas fallback that preserves the amazing 3D grid but runs on all your mobile devices!

Just one week old, the site’s already seen 100,000 stories submitted. And that’s real-life, proper stories written by real-life, proper people!

Go and leave your own McDonald’s memory on right here.

Happy Birthday, Ronald!

McDonald's Ice Cream Cake

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Celebrating McDonald's 40th Anniversary in the UK




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