ITV Rugby World Cup 2015


Can I Kick It?

Why, certainly you can!

The Rugby World Cup has kicked off! And boy have we got a treat for you! Working with ITV, we’ve created a gorgeous, console quality penalty ‘swipe to kick’ game that sticks you right in the heart of the action.

Of course to get that immersive ‘in-stadium’ feel, we had to break out the 3D skills on this one and as such we created our very own take on Twickenham in which the action takes place.

Making a tight, free kick score-rush game was all well and good, but we needed to push things that little bit further. This is a global LIVE event so how could we really draw people into the action? The answer was to create a ‘LIVE KICK’ feature which lets players take the exact SAME kick that is taking place in the real-world games. A super simple CMS lets ITV staff set up and deploy the kicks which are then pushed in real-time to the app. Basically, if you have the App and are watching a live game and a free kick is to be taken, you will be invited to take the same kick, usually quick enough that you can take the shot before the player in the match has!

That’s right – we made a game that lets you predict the future!?!

This time out however there was a new challenge to tackle – taking Goodboy’s proven HTML5 / webGL skills and applying them to the world of native apps. The great thing about our build process has always been it’s flexibility and reach. Well, that reach just got a bit longer! All wrapped up with Cordova, our game was integrated into a bigger World Cup App that ITV had commissioned to serve up news and video from the tournament. So in addition to hitting all browsers across all platforms, we can now deliver content via all App Stores!


Oh no, I mean, TRRYYYYYY!!!

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Getting into the spirit of the 2015 Rugby World Cup with ITV and some swipe-kicking action




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