Donald Duck: Hydro Frenzy

Play Hydro Frenzy!

First things first. There will be no jokes about this game sending you ‘quackers’ or anything like that. If you’re looking for that kind of humour you might want to duck out right now beakaus that kind of humour simply doesn’t fit the bill…

Eggcellent. Right. On to business!

Our friends at Disney came to us looking for an HTML5 game for the rebooted Mickey Mouse Shorts and in particular everyone’s favourite highly strung duck. As we all know, Donald is the perfect candidate for a high energy stress-fest so we set about creating a game to celebrate the king of rage and set him off in a world that is pretty much custom made to wind him up!

We took our Time Management skills and cranked them up to 12 (11? Pfft!) in order to pull off a game that uses a subtle but effective 3D engine to bring the lush cartoon visuals to life. The task was to make it literally feel like a snapshot from the show itself and we think we got pretty darned close!

As ever, on those lovely new devices, WebGL abounds in order to make beautiful curved water jets, trippy hypno-distortions and that touted 3D play field. It truly is a treat for the eyes! Go tank up your ‘Quench and Drench’ and have a blast. You’d be quackers to miss it!

Oh dammit…

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