Danger Mouse

He’s BACK!

The Greatest Secret Agent in the World has returned to vanquish villainy wherever it reveals its vile visage.

And of course he’s bringing his faithful, wisecracking sidekick, Penfold with him for the ride. Help the dynamic(ish) duo take on their lifelong amphibianemesis… GREENBACK. Oh yes! Greenback’s, well, back too!

So how do you go about celebrating the most hotly anticipated return of a national treasure? What game can stand up to such a dynamic, action driven hero?! This was the challenge the Beeb posed us, and our response was to make an action platform, the likes of which have never been seen in the world of HTML5 gaming!

We knew it wouldn’t be easy – things like on-screen D-pads and touch controls are tricky even in the world of native apps. How do we master these challenges in the world of browsers where (in iOS) there can be about 30% of the screen off limits with UI instigating invisible hit areas!

We developed a totally bespoke control system that copes with all this and and all-new ‘swipe to go fullscreen’ feature that quickly gets players out of the browser UI should it accidentally be triggered. The experience is one that is as close to native as we’ve managed thus far. To quote one player – “I’d expect to see this on Steam” High praise indeed!

The original TV series was from a time when gaming was ruled by titles like Manic Miner and Monty Mole. With possessed toilets and miner-strike references the irreverent ‘Britishness’ of their humour was infectious.

In the same way that the show is bringing the original 1980’s series bursting into a world of smartphones, Twitters and Facespaces, we wanted to create a game that taps into some of the classic gaming moments from this era. Just not quite so ludicrously hard though ;) (Jet Set Willy – I’m looking at you!)

The game we’ve created is a sprawling, multi-world adventure that sees DM taking on the action moments with Penfold taking things in a slightly more ‘stealthy’ (NB: NOT cowardly!) manner! And once each level is cleared, get ready to go nuts with a high speed bonus dash!

3 star ratings, a deep achievement system and some sweet Easter Eggs all add up to a game that not only does justice to the brand, but provides a compelling, long-playing experience that truly captures the spirit of the new series.

The show kicks off on Monday 28th September and now our work is done, we can’t WAIT to kick back and watch the adventures unfold on TV!

But remember – it’s Danger Mouse AND Penfold ;D

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The biggest reboot in UK cartoon history sees Danger Mouse and Penfold return to our screens. Game on!




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