CBBC: All At Breakfast

Hope you’re ready for a dose of crazy!

We are super proud to announce that our first game for the BBC is out and live! We had a ton of fun making this one and we hope it shows :D

It’s a time (mis!)management game – but certainly not your grandma’s time management game. We did it fully Goodboy style, so it’s action all the way as you keep a room full of increasingly frantic punters happy.  You play as one of the three cheeky characters from the CBBC TV show All at Sea and get to run around serving customers in a sea front B&B. Add some crazy speed and a bunch of power up hats (Yes, hats… Of course!?) and you have a pretty great mix! And what game is complete without a Victorian mode and a disco helmet?

We dug deep into our back-pocket of HTML5 tricks to really try to make the game run on every device but also feel native. So you can expect to see a healthy does of webGL, a sprinkle of CSS filters and even a little webaudio trick or two! Built using our in house game engine FIDO and our open source engine PIXI.js it really is quite the treat on mobile and tablets!

Everyone involved is massively proud and happy with the outcome of this project! And our Beeb friends thought it was so good they even gave it a TV promo spot!

Now go get your serve on!


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