100 McDonald’s Moments

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We hooked up with the gang at Razorfish to deliver McDonald’s UK their first taste of delicious Goodboy HTML5 awesomeness! The increasing prevalence of iPad as a go-to platform for consumer content meant that Flash wasn’t going to cut it on this piece.

The result is a rich, interactive website that gives away no clue as to what makes it tick under the hood. Using our approach of not only responsive design, but also CPU handling, the site scales it’s performance as well as it’s layout based on where it finds itself deployed.

Already earning itself a coveted FWA Cutting Edge Award, it’s a perfect example of how we like to blend great design with latest tech to pull off sites that challenge what type of content user’s expect to see in their mobile and tablet browsers.

A great UGC angle and awesome looks wrap up the package with a sweet illustrative style and slick, interactive animations. Be sure to swipe up the guitar for some tasty licks & high-five good old Ronald! The site has thus far had a combined user session time that exceeds 15 years!

Grab your ‘Pad and spend a Moment with it! Maybe not 15 years though…

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A tasty HTML treat on iPads and desktops for Maccy D! Fully user driven, visitors submit their own 'McDonald's Moment' and if selected they get illustrated, animated and added to the site.




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