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January 29, 2015 at 1:44 pm / by

Mat Groves thinks 3 is the magic number…

Hello blog readers! Hope you are all well, it’s been a while right? I do have a genuine excuse for not posting a thing on our blog in months though. That reason is (aside from a nice holiday!) that I have been hard at work with Chad Engler building the next version of Pixi.js, suitably titled Pixi.js v3!

I don’t want to say too much yet other than I am really happy with where our renderer is going!

I figured we should at least show something! I wanted to show you how much faster v3 can be! Whilst I would love to communicate it through the medium of dance I feel a bunnymark would be more suitable. RELEASE THE BUNNIES!!


Pretty fun right? You know on most computers the bottleneck for this example will actually be the GPU. How do I know this? On my Mac Pro in Chrome at 100k bunnies I get 40fps but if I profile the js it’s 56% idle! Nuts!

It’s worth noting that not all HTML5 websites and games need 100k bunnies (Some weirdoes build websites without any bunnies at all!?!) and that’s why we made Pixi.js v3 faster for real world production use cases as a priority. Every single one of those bunnies has its own position/scale/rotation and alpha! This has been achieved taking what we learnt from v1 and v2 and managing the GPU much more efficiently than than we did before.

I hope this demo shows that Pixi v3 will have your back when it comes to fast rendering :)

Watch this space for more v3 sneaky peaks! Alternatively you can follow me on the Twitters for Pixi news straight from the horse’s mouth! NB – I’m not a horse.

Speak soon!

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