Pixi.js released!

March 14, 2013 at 9:39 pm / by

Technical Partner Mat Groves has finally pulled his finger out and released pixi.js


We are extremely proud and excited to announce that pixi.js is now available on github along with examples and documentation! That means that the whole world and thier dog can start tinkering and making fun javascript, cross browser, webGL, canvas, mobile, speedy 2D applications!

First things first, if you don’t know what a pixi.js is then heres the rub:

Pixi.js is a 2D webGL renderer with a seamless canvas fallback that enables it to work across all modern browsers both desktop and mobile. Helping Goodboy and hopefully you achieve the big fat goal of “Build once, play everywhere”

If you would like to know a little more then why not have a little read of our previous blog post




What’s next?

The current build of pixi.js available on github is now very stable. All that we need to do next is grow it!

We have a rich list of features that we plan on implementing and building into pixi.js as time progresses. Many exist already but require a little more testing before uploading and sharing with you all. Some new features will be obvious, like interaction (UPDATE: Pixi.js is now interactive). Others less so, but I promise they will allow you to create some seriously cool stuff. I could tell you more but then I would have to kill you, and I really don’t have time for that right now ;)

Tell us what you think!

Of course if you do get stuck in we would absolutely love to hear your feedback on the project. The good the bad and the ugly! It will help us to improve pixi.js for you and for us. Think something needs adding? BAM! Give us a shout! Think something needs changing? BOOM! Give us a shout. hmm.. Actually, instead of shouting at us maybe you could email or submit an issue to github ;P

Contribute your brain codes

If you feel inclined to add a neat feature to pixi.js or contribute some source code that we can share with the world then that would be fantastic (obviously with full props to you!).  Dont be afraid to get in touch if you have any questions, we are Goodboys (and Girls) after all!

Not much left to say now apart from why are you still reading this? You should be over on github downloading all that juicy pixi.js src code, planning to make some kind of awesome internuts creation! :)

Oh and once you have made something, we would love to see it :D Especially as we will be looking to create a nice shiny showcase section on our site!

We hope you have fun!

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  1. Jim says:

    Awesome! I was looking for an excuse to get back into gamesdev for some time now. The demos blew me away! Even on my crappy vista, it’s still ridiculously fast :D Much thanks!

  2. josie says:

    radness, can’t wait for the future features!

  3. Lee Grey says:

    Enjoying Pixi a lot! Thanks!

  4. Chad says:

    Is there an IRC channel or something that you guys hang out in, I’m doing a pretty large rewrite of my game engine to use Pixi.js instead of Three.js and have a few questions.

  5. Paulus Mikkola says:

    Great work guys! I was just looking html5 2d-rendering library, and pixi.js was way too more than my expectations. This is actually everything what a game developer needs! This is the best:
    1. It doesn’t try to involve with game logic with stupid collision system e.t.c!
    2. It is easy and intuitive.
    3. It’s so fast, unbelievably fast!!!!

    I will start building our MMORPG game graphics based on pixi.js. I think I will not need to regret this decision! Once you have some forum where to talk, I will be there wihtout a question!

    Are you going to try to fix bugs once we found some? Unfortunatly, I feel a bit useless to fix bugs on my own…

    PS. I didn’t get it work pretty well in Firefox, it was very slow. Chrome was pretty fast!

  6. Paulus Mikkola says:

    EDIT: I mean fixing bugs in pixi.js, if some is found.

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